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    help I validate form problems using <a4j:commandButton>

    nguyen tung son Newbie

      Hi All...

      I have code jquery :



                  if($j('.requiredF').val() == ''){





      I using :


      <h:inputText value="#{customerExpand.NV102}" id="firstname" styleClass="requiredF">




      <a4j:commandButton  value='#{locale.save}' actionListener="#{customerExpand.saveN100andN590}"



                                                          styleClass="buttonsave" reRender="message1,contact" >




      When input = null ---> code run ok but it still runs on the action although the error.I added ajaxSingle ="true" to the problem to be addressed is not at fault action.But when no error occurs, the a4j: commandButton is not in action.


      Thanks All