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    Looking at switchyard-component-common

    Keith Babo Master

      Seems like we could use a component-common module similar to the one we have for core today.  Before you say "we already have this", we don't really.  We have a parent module and a number of sub-modules in component-common (rest, rules, composer).  Tomo is going to add dynamic operation selector support which will be yet another module.  I would like to suggest the following changes:


      1) rename the parent composer module to switchyard-component-common-parent

      2) create a switchyard-component-common module

      3) move what's in composer to #2.  So this could effectively be a rename operation.

      4) put the contents of the proposed new common-selector module inside of #2 as well.


      Generally speaking, anything with no external dependencies should go in #2.  Stuff specific to a a limited set of components (e.g. rules) can stay in a distinct module since we don't want to drag very component's dependencies into a common module definition.