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    Soap proxy port doesn't change

    Madhu CM Newbie


      My jboss server is running on 9000 port where all the ESB contracts are exposed as http://localhost:9000/xxxx/xxxx?wsdl . I have few proxy services where I am exposing those services via SoapProxy action class using http-gateway listener. When this proxy service is deployed I am seeing that the port is invariably binding to 8080 and this binding happens to be for all proxy services which are deployed.

      When I try to access the proxy service that contain port 8080 it throws 404 . But the same proxy service when I try to access using 9000 port the wsdl shows up [ server running in 9000].


      My question is : why does the proxy service will always bind to default 8080 port even though the server is running in 9000 port. How do I change the port for porxide services. Please advise.


      I am using jboss soa 5.0.1



      Madhu cm

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          Tom Cunningham Master

          Hi Madhu,


          If you have a support contract (you mentioned that you are using SOA 5.0.1), definitely open a ticket.


          If you don't, we need more information.    Can you attach your jboss-esb.xml and go through the steps that you used to change your AS to run on port 9000?    Hard to tell here based on what is given whether there's a missing configuration step, misconfiguration, or a bug in ESB.