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    EJB3 Interceptor

    Thomas Gueze Newbie


      I have an ear containing a jar deployed in Jboss 5 CR1.
      I specify an interceptor for my session beans in the ejb-jar.xml file : I set an <around-invoke> with my interceptor class and the method which perform the interception for each session ejb.
      Unfortunately, the interceptor method is never called.

      However, during the ear deployment I got these messages :

      09:30:17,651 INFO [STDOUT] ======> Creating interceptor metadata bridge

      And when calling my beans, I got the log messages :
      WARN [InterceptorsFactory] EJBTHREE-1246: Do not use InterceptorsFactory with a ManagedObjectAdvisor, InterceptorRegistry should be used via the bean container

      So I look at the jira issue : https://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/EJBTHREE-1246
      But I'm not sure it's related.

      Do I forgot something?

      Thanks in advance.