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    Unused Jar is actually used


      Hello Everyone,


      I am using the tattletale version 1.2.0.Beta2 & have been able to execute the analysis report. My project consists of an ear file , war files and jar files. The ear file is the main one and uses the other files ( war / jar ) for loading required classes. The report was executed without exploding the ear or the war files.


      A suprising element is the Unused Jar Report. The report suggests that a particular jar file is not used. However, from the source code of the application I can clearly see an "import" statement for the class contained in this jar.  Also, this class is not provided by any other jar / 3rd party libraries.


      Am I missing something here ? I have attached the jboss-tattletale.properties which I am using.


      Execution Environment :-

      JDK 1.6 Update 35

      Windows XP