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    doubts about runGuiDemo

    vigue Newbie


      I have just started to use the GUI Demo which is in Infinispan 5.1.5-FINAL. I have got build a cluster. But now, I want to insert data running a program.

      With the server, I dis this:

      1) Run the servesr with a specific protocol (memcached) and a specific port, building a cluster.

      2) Run a program that insert data in that server.


      I want be able to do the next:

      1) Build the cluster

      2) Run a program with memcached, which inserts data in the cluster.

      3) Watch the data in the GUI


      Is this possible?

      How can I do this using the GUI in order to do the same things that I do running the servers?

      Can I specify the protocol and a port number in the configuration file which use the GUI?