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    How to set eclipse/maven dependencies to make jbossws work?

    Matthias M. Newbie



      I'm trying to use the contents of org.jboss.ws.* (e. g. "@WebContext"), but I'm not able to use the contents in the classpath.

      I already did:

      • install the CXF relatead package on my server
      • run the junit tests (2 failures)


      Now when I try to add a dependency to the pom.xml, there is no package available like 'org.jboss.ws'. Furthermore no workaround worked for me.

      I even tried to manipulate the archive generation of the war file in the maven configuration like:




                                  <Dependencies>org.jboss.ws.api services export</Dependencies>




      I hoped using this workaround, I could simply use eclipse's classpath to import and use the .jar directly. But everytime (even if I only do an import) I get an exception during compilation like:

      "java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The argument does not represent an annotation type"


      I'm searching for a solution, but the google- and stackoverflow-results won't help.


      Is this because of the modular approach of as7.1 or did I simply miss a trivial step to do?


      I use eclipse, jboss as 7.1.1, jbossws cxf 4.0.2, maven 3.0.2. Because of maven I feel rather restricted than helped out. But that's because I'm not used to it.

      If I forgot to mention something important, please let me know.


      I bet there are many people saying this is a stupid question, but I would be thankful for an answer anyway