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    BPMN 2.0 Modeler and Ad-Hoc processes

    Steve Battle Newbie

      I've been using The BPMN 2.0 Modeler/Editor to design ad-hoc sub-processes. Eclipse Indigo, JBPM 5.4.Final. However, I've found recently that the new validation features of BPMN 2.0 Modeler report errors in ad-hoc sub-processes where there should be none. Within the context of an ad-hoc sub-process (or a process with adHoc="true"), the rules on incoming and outgoing sequence flows should be relaxed, allowing activities with no incoming or outgoing flows.


      This is not a runtime issue, my ad-hoc processes execute as before. This is just an issue with validation. Is there a way to disable or configure validation to prevent these errors?


      Thanks, Steve.

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          Steve Battle Newbie

          I've answered my own question. BPMN2 validation can be disabled by not using the BPMN2 Project Nature. This project nature causes automatic validation of all BPMN2 files; many of these rules are 'over-eager' when it comes to validation of Ad-Hoc processes.

          When saving edits to a diagram, do not add the BPMN2 Project Nature, causing automatic validation of all BPMN2 files.

          Alternatively, disable this using: Properties > BPMN2 > Uncheck "Check if project is configured for BPMN2 Project Nature".



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            Zoran Hristov Newbie

            Hi Steve,


            This is strange as I find this ' over-eager' restrictions also, for basic things like: "ExclusiveGateway should have only one outgoing SequenceFlow" warning


            From other forum I have read how to disable it:

            After upgrading bpmn2 modeler plugin to 1.1.2 the problem occurred.. After looking into the source, I found out that there is a (new) option in the bpmn2 preferences, that gets involved on validation. To get rid of the error message, you have to check the 'Allow multiple incoming/outgoning on Activities' option under BPMN2 > Editor > Behavior.

            Otherwise it is a problem in release 1.1.2 and is fixed for 1.1.4 and 1.2.0 as in here