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    jbpm transaction questions

    wqe wqe Newbie

      (1) I remember that I see somewhere before mentions that  integration of  TaskServerice and Spring using JTA transaction is not fully tested . Any  news and improvement in the integration now ? Is the quality is production ready?


      (2)  I am now using two databases (one for task and one the jbpm runtime)  which both of them are integrated with Spring . The jbpm runtime database uses JTA now while task database uses local transaction now  (due to the concern in question 1 )  .  I read some where in the forum before says that it is necessary  to use JTA in drools/jBPM , so are there any problems  if JTA is used for one database  and local transaction is used for another database ? If I include a local transaction inside a JTA Transaction, cam both of them work as a single transaction unit (i.e obey "A" in the ACID property) ???