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    rich:tabPanel does not work after ajax request

    macoolio Newbie


      I have a strange problem with the rich:tabPanel in combination with an ajax request and a commandLink.

      After clicking the a4j:commandLink "Update" Button the rich:tabPanel is not switching anymore.


      The browser's console log says:

      new RichFaces.ui.TabPanel("j_id_5:panel1", ({ajax:{incId:"1"}, activeItem:"j_id_9", isKeepHeight:false, cycledSwitching:false})) is not a function

      at jsf.js.jsf:3682


      Example Code:





                          <a4j:commandLink value="Update" action="#{testBean.update}" render="contentDiv" />


                          <t:div id="contentDiv">

                                    <rich:tabPanel switchType="client" id="panel1">




                                                        <h:commandLink action="#{test.testAction}" />












      The very strange thing is when I remove the the h:commandLink in Tab1 the switching works fine after the ajax request.

      When I change the render attribute to "@all" it works too, but that would be a bad workaround.


      I use MyFaces 2.1.8 and Richfaces 4.3.0.M1.


      Any Ideas?