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    Camel HornetQ integration on top of JBoss AS 7

    Gnanaguru Sattanathan Novice

      Hello JBoss,


      I am integrating Camel and HornetQ. As a standalone Camel program I successfully connected my camel route to a queue running in HornetQ(Standalone).


      Now I wanted to run the same camel program on JBoss AS7. When I deploy my camel application as a WAR, It throws connection not bound exception. The same application works well as a standalone camel instance.


      Any suggestion for me?


      1. Do I need to enable any HornetQ connector in JBoss AS 7, I feel its not required. Since I am running a standalone HornetQ instance outside JBoss AS.


      2. Do I have anyother approach ? Can I deploy as a OSGI bundle ( I can imagine the complexity of this, but wanted your sugesstions)


      Best regards