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    Authentication JAAS in jboss7

    yunshi tan Newbie

      Hi everyone,


      I am immigrating jboss4.2.6 -> jboss7 and I have a few questions about the JAAS authentification part.


      In jboss4, I implements my own WebAuthentication who extends the WebAuthentication class to provide the authentication functions, like this


      public class WebAuthenticationExtended extends WebAuthentication {



        public boolean login(String username, Object credential) {



        // other login methods




      I understand that in jboss7 the class WebAuthentication has been removed as Servlet 3 provides some login module and WebAuthentication was redundant. However, I am lost.


      I am using Iceface 1.8.2 / seam2.2 with my application. Iceface 1.8.2 has dependence on servlet-api 2.4/2.5.


      • Could I use iceface 1.8.2 with servlet-api-3 ?
      • Are there any examples of the programmatic login implementation of servlet 3 ?



      Does anybody have any advices ? or are there any examples ?


      Many thanks in advance.