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    how to do password, confirmPassword verification after confirmPassowrd value entered

    Wingman Boby Newbie

      Hi  i have password, confirmPassword verification   its working fine when i click on submit button, but

      i want to do this operation once my confirmPassowrd value entered please suggest.




      <h:form id="form2">

        <rich:graphValidator value="#{userBean}" id="gv">

        <rich:panel header="Change password" style="width:500px">

        <rich:messages for="gv" />

        <rich:messages globalOnly="true" />

        <h:panelGrid columns="3">

        <h:outputText value="Enter new password:*" />

        <h:inputSecret value="#{userBean.password}" id="pass">

        <a4j:ajax event="keyup"  render="password" />


        <rich:message for="pass" />


        <h:outputText value="Confirm the new password:" />

        <h:inputSecret value="#{userBean.confirmpassword}" id="conf">

        <a4j:ajax event="keyup"  render="confirmpassword" />


        <rich:message for="conf" />


        <a4j:ajax event="keyup"  render="gv" />

        <a4j:commandButton value="VERIFY PASSWORD"

        action="#{userBean.addUser}" />