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    Hibernate Tools 4 Alpha @SequenceGenerator unique name ?

    nicotexas Newbie

      Hi,  I'm trying to get hbm2java (Eclipse tools 4) to generate my entities with EJB3 annotations to get the @GeneratedValue and @SequenceGenerator for my primary keys. 


      Right now when generating my POJOs I get 


      @SequenceGenerator(name = "generator", sequenceName = "S_CLIENT")


         @GeneratedValue(strategy = SEQUENCE, generator = "generator")

         @Column(name = "CLIENT_ID", unique = true, nullable = false, precision = 22, scale = 0)

         public long getClientId() {

            return this.clientId;




      Look OK but the problem is  generator = "generator" that will be the same for every POJO hbm2java generates.

      I can't find any way to set the name for the SequenceGenerator. 


      Tried with reveng.xml      



            <generator class="sequence">     

               <param name="sequence">S_CLIENT</param>





         <column name="CLIENT_ID" >

            <meta attribute="use-in-equals">true</meta>

            <meta attribute="use-in-tostring">true</meta>





      and DelegatingReverseEngineeringStrategy     



         public Properties getTableIdentifierProperties(TableIdentifier identifier) {


            //@SequenceGenerator(name="APP_DEVDB_APPDEVDBID_GENERATOR", sequenceName="S_APP_DEVDB")

            Properties properties = new Properties();     

            properties.put("sequence", "S_"+identifier.getName());     

                      properties.put("name", "Generator"+identifier.getName());

            return properties;



         public String getTableIdentifierStrategyName(TableIdentifier identifier) {

               return "sequence";





      Any way to change that behavior?  Thanks....