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    Create and Deploy a Riftsaw ExtensionActivity ?




      I searched and I didn't the documention I need for the task I'm assigned to : make an ExtensionActivity.


      I manage to find how to use an extension activity in my bpel file ... but how do I add the ExtensionActivity.


      I also found documentation for creating an Apache ODE ExtensionActivity ... here are my questions :


      • Does Riftsaw have this king of functionnality ?
      • How to create one ? (btw which class to extend and so on ...)
      • How to deploy it ?



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          Hi Cedric


          I've moved this question to the Riftsaw user forum, as the developer forum is intended for discussions by contributors.


          The Apache ODE extension activity mechanism is (I believe) only supported on ODE version 2. This version is only experimental at this stage, and the current trunk is still on version 1.


          Riftsaw is based on ODE 1.3.x,and therefore does not support this capability.