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    Setting static files on standalone.xml

    Gustavo Coelho Newbie



      I found on the web that we normally should set the static files like this way on older versions of the JBoss within server.xml:


      <Context path="/photo" docBase="c:/test/images" reloadable="true" override="true">              



      Now i'm trying to figure out how to manage to read/write in a .csv file in a Linux Server using JBoss AS 7.

      I don't get this issue running the same JBoss on Windows 7 environment, also the sys permission on the folder has been correctly defined.


      I've been looking for a similar mapping at standalone.xml available on:



      As described at the follow address http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6750206/server-xml-equivalent-in-jboss-as-7

      this is the equivalent file for this purpose like many others features on JBoss AS 7.


      Can someone please help me on this issue?


      Many thank's in advance.