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    NUL device on windows and JBoss 7.1.2

    Ravi Singhal Newbie

      We are observing a weird issue on windows 2008 machines. When we start jboss, it doesn't start and prints on console that "The system cannot find the file specified.". I debugged it further and found that while setting JAVA_OPTS it redirects output to nul device and where it is throwing this error. I searched and found that nul device is missing on this machine. JBoss was working fine on this machine earlier and all of sudden this device disappered. We observed this issue on multiple windows 2008 machines. To reproduce this problem, I took a windows 2008 machine where nul device was present, I started the JBoss and restarted the machine while Jboss was starting and on restart I could see that nul device was missing. There is something in JBoss AS 7.1.2 which is causing this problem. Does anyone encountered the same problem? Is there any solution for this?