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    Feature Gap between SWR 1.x and 2.0.0-alpha-2?

    Andrew Rubinger Master

      Craig Ringer notes the following:


      In Alpha1 I could write:


      private final EffectivePomMavenDependencyResolver resolver =
      private final MavenDependencyBuilder depBuilder = resolver.artifacts();


      then add artifacts with `depBuilder.artifacts(“blah:blah”)` to accumulate them.


      In Alpha2 this no longer seems to be possible. It looks like I’ll have to accumulate a list of artifact co-ordinates then pass them to one big resolve() call, or do individual transitive resolutions and build a File[] array. If I do multiple resolutions I’m likely to land up with poor transitive resolution and conflicts, so I’ll probably need to accumulate the artifacts.


      I'm not quite grokking the disconnect, however.  How is using one resolve call with N coordinates in "alpha-2" any different from the earlier method of using a MavenDependencyBuilder and adding artifacts to it?