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    How to used ESB to Control/Dispatch message between Web service and Client ?

    Puchong V Newbie

      If i have 2 server like this


      (Web Service) <===============> (Servlet/JSP)

      I want to used esb with Web Service Proxy to pass all the service from original webservice backend.
      But i want to do  something like..


      (Web Service) <======(ESB)========> (Servlet/JSP) / (External Consumer)


      To Monitoring and handle the service in esb action


      - Which service name has been invoke and who is the consumer

      - How many time the service has call

      - Check some value in SOAP before send to the consumer / provider




      ** What is the example in jboss-esb.zip i can follow  webservice-proxy  or webservice-producer ?


      ** If you have some sample plese help.



      Thanks you any answer and comment