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    JBoss AOP xml configuration in JBoss AS 4.2.3

    Jimmy Yip Newbie

      Hi all,


      I am currently implementing some MDBs (EJB3) in JBoss4.2.3 and I want to configure the MDB pool size. I tried the followings:


      1. @PoolClass annotation (Successful)

      The pool size can be changed. However, I don't want to hardcode the size in the annotation.


      2. mydomain-aop.xml and @AspectDomain annotation. (Successful)

      The pool size can also be changed. But this time I am asked not to use Jboss4-specific annotaion.


      I googled and found some materials saying that I can use <aop-domain-name> in jboss.xml to declare the domain name of the MDBs.

      However, when I view the jboss_4_2.dtd, there is no aop-domain-name element.



      1. Is <aop-domain-name> available in JBoss4?

      2. If not, are there any ways to specify the aop domain name via XML?

      3. Are there any simple methods to change the pool size? (ejb3-interceptors-aop.xml is not my solution as I want configuration for each MDB)

      JBoss specific annotation is acceptable. However, we don't want some version-specific annotation like @AspectDomain. And unfortunately, we will not upgrade to JBoss5 or newer version for the current project.