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    Start infinispan server on different physical machines

    Hongyu Ye Newbie

      I am able to run  Infinispan hotrod  server on the same machine (say machine A) with multiple nodes, all of those are joining the same cluster successfully. But if I start server on the different server (say machine B) within the same network,  it seems to start new cluster without joining the existing cluster.  I tried both jgroups-udp.xml and jgroups-tcp.xml configuration.

      I would appreciate that you have some clues.


      My start option: bin/startServer1.sh  -r hotrod -p 12333 -l -c  /projects/infinispan-5.2.0.Alpha3-all/etc/config-samples/cluster.xml

      bin/startServer2.sh -r hotrod -p 12333 -l -c /projects/infinispan-5.2.0.Alpha3-all/etc/config-samples/cluster.xml

      My startServer1.sh:

      add_jvm_args '-Djgroups.tcp.address='


      My startServer2.sh:

      add_jvm_args '-Djgroups.tcp.address='

      Here is the sample configuration cluster.xml, 




                  rackId="r1" nodeName="Node-C">

               <!-- Use the property below to point to a specific JGroups configuration file on your classpath -->



                  <property name="configurationFile" value="/projects/infinispan-5.2.0.Alpha3-all/etc/config-samples/jgroups-tcp.xml" />