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    Is there a variable available to my class telling me which host controller and node I am on in an EAP6 domain?

    Steven Boscarine Apprentice

      Hello All,

      Is there a variable that represents an application or host-controller in a domain cluster?  What about the node?


      For example, if I have acme-inc.myemployer.com hosted on Apache, mod_cluster, and an EAP6 domain with 3 nodes, I am hoping to find some variable I can use to write to create a unique folder that is unique to the external application, but visible to all nodes.  So if a domain had

      acme-inc.myemployer.com:80 pointing to:

      I was hoping for a variable that's common to all 3 nodes, but not other hosts,




      I need to write code that writes data to the file system.  I am deploying to an EAP6 domain with many nodes on different hosts, but they have a shared folder mount.  I have 1 file that represents changes to an application made by a user. 


      I'd like to write it to ~/${hostController || external IP}/{user}.properties and ensure there are no conflicts.


      We have a multi-tenant architecture, so I may have to worry about users w/ the same name from differnet companies sharing the same machine.  For example








      On a related note, what about node?  We do audit heavily and it would be cool to know the node the user was on.  However, that's not mission critical, just something that looks impressive in the output.


      Thanks in advance,