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    Cannot connect via JMS with remote connection

    venkman Newbie

      Hi there,


      i have a problem with connecting via JMS to a remote machine.


      When (standalone)-client and server runs on the same machine, everything works fine, but when i try to run the JBoss on a VM, i can get a JNDIContext from the Server,i can do a successful lookup, but i cannot establish a connection.


      The Client quits with:


      Exception in thread "main" javax.jms.JMSException: Failed to create session factory

          at org.hornetq.jms.client.HornetQConnectionFactory.createConnectionInternal(HornetQConnectionFactory.java:605)

          at org.hornetq.jms.client.HornetQConnectionFactory.createConnection(HornetQConnectionFactory.java:119)


      Caused by: HornetQException[errorCode=2 message=Cannot connect to server(s). Tried with all available servers.]

          at org.hornetq.core.client.impl.ServerLocatorImpl.createSessionFactory(ServerLocatorImpl.java:769)

          at org.hornetq.jms.client.HornetQConnectionFactory.createConnectionInternal(HornetQConnectionFactory.java:601)

          ... 2 more


      and the Server shows the message:


      Channel end notification received, closing Channel ID ...


      I'm using the Jboss-as.7.1.1 and i'm starting with -b and use the standalone-full.xml.


      Browsing in this forum within threads with similar questions hasn't help.


      Please help, it's urgent.