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    Deployment exception - Binding EJB Home

    Volker Biermann Newbie


      I am Using JBoss 6 to deploy an application. For several beans this works very good. I have problem with a stateless session bean. What am I doing wrong? The log shows that the bean is deployed but it looks that it can not bound to jndi. Please see below a part of the boot log. I have added the deployment files as attachments. I am convinced that I did something wrong but what?



      09:12:27,370 INFO  [EjbDeployer] installing bean: ejb/bpserver.jar#BPFinder,uid1044388609

      09:12:27,372 INFO  [EjbDeployer]   with dependencies:

      09:12:27,374 INFO  [EjbDeployer]   and supplies:

      09:12:27,375 INFO  [EjbDeployer]    jndi:bpserver/BPFinder/com.identalink.biopassportadminserver.BPFinder

      09:12:27,378 INFO  [EjbDeployer]    jndi:BPFinder

      09:12:27,379 INFO  [EjbDeployer]    jndi:bpserver/BPFinder

      --- info deleted ---

      09:12:30,231 INFO  [EjbModule] Deploying BPFinder

      --- info deleted ---

      09:12:53,093 ERROR [AbstractKernelController] Error installing to Start: name=jboss.j2ee:jndiName=BPFinder,service=EJB state=Create mode=Manual requiredState=Installed: javax.management.MalformedObjectNameException: Unterminated key property part

      --- error stack trace deleted ---

      09:12:54,146 INFO  [ProxyFactory] Unbind EJB Home 'BPFinder' from jndi 'BPFinder'


      Thank you for your help



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          Volker Biermann Newbie



          I think the problem is related to the jndi-name. When I switch the default log level to DEBUG and look at the boot log I found something strange: The jndi-name of BPFinder is a mix-up of the jndi-name and the "path" of the bean. The jndi-name should be "BPFinder, bpserver/BPFinder" but it is "BPFinder, bpserver/BPFinder/com.identalink.biopassportadminserver.BPFinder, bpserver/BPFinder". For other beans the name is as expected. Erroneous beans are all of type stateless session bean. I updated the jboss.xml and validated with jobss 5 dtd but the problem remain.


          On JBoss 4.2.3 all beans are deployed without problems.


          Anny suggestions / solutions welcome.



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            Volker Biermann Newbie

            Got it.


            It was a strange problem with a stateless invoker based on the unified invoker. In the jboss-service.xml file was an "invisible" character not shown by the editor. JBoss 4 is ignoring the error while JBoss 6 does not.


            Nevertheless I learned a lot about xml, invokers and J2EE


            Have a nice time