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    Finder in jaws.xml

    Mikael HOUDU Newbie


      I use JBoss2.4.4 and I want to know if it is possible to declare a finder method in my Ejb Home which take a string in argument which represent a filter....

      For example :

      I've got an EJB A with : String a, int b
      findByQuery("a like '%toto%' and b > '5'")

      What I don't want to do :
      having a session bean which accessed my DB directly because I can have some beans A deployed on DB1 and some others on DB2.

      Is it possible to do this ?

      Actually, I've got a method in my EJB A which parse my filter to call some more common finder like "findLikeA", "findUnLikeA", "findGreaterThanB"...
      But it is not so beautiful :(