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    Cannot set recover alert and disable when fired together

    Bruce Li Newbie

      My JON server is 3.1.  I'd like to have a pair of alerts as mutual toggle switches. When A fired, it will disable itself and enable B; When B fired, it will disable itself and enable A.  So to do it, in the alert A deinition, I need to set the recover alert to 'B' and check the 'Yes' to disable A when fired.  However, in the recovery tab, once I select the 'Revocer Alert' to B, it will 'Disable When Fired' will be set to 'No' and there is no way to change it!


      This kind of alert use model is one common case in the JON documentation. I'm not sure what's wrong to setup it.  If it's a defect, is there any patch to apply?