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    Production issue: Richfaces 4.0 final freezing issue in IE 8 .

    ravi j Newbie



      We have very critical issue in production.


      The following  is quite an explanation. please bare with me.


      We developed a  JSF application using myfaces 2.0.5+ richfaces 4.0 and it went to production couple of months back.  Many users started complaining that application is getting frozen in IE 8 many times during the day. we have modal status loading image for ajax requests and that status loading is getting stuck. User has to enter the same url in address bar to come back to same view. This can happen any time during the day and during any page of application. there is no specific pattern. Network team is engaged to find out what's happening during the requests and they find out that not  the entire request is sent back to the server on post back  whenever the issue is occuring.  Microsoft is also engaged to see any issue with specific IE8. still investigation is going on..


      I am just wondering this issue is related to IE 8 or due to the environment(myfaces + richfaces).


      I tried to reproduce this issue in UAT and never was able to do it, not sure this issue is happening only under heavy load in production enviroment.


      coming to application web pages, there are  many pages with rich:tabpanel with 7-8 tabs in it, all of tabs are loading with switch type ajax. few of the tabs contains many panels/rich calendars,  few popup panels,  few data tables  and extended data tables.  we are lazy loading data tables and extended data tables(with pagination), popup panels and rich tabs. But still this is very huge page with lot of richfaces components.


      users will be navigating between these pages and working on the tabs, data tables, extended data tables and popup panles during entire day.


      I  observed lot of  richfaces js and css files are downloaded from the server when the requests are sent to the server. I noticed in firefox firebug most of the these files are cached on browser(depends on expiration date of the files(mostly 24 hrs and 7 days for richafces files)) and I can see most of these files are retrieved from browser cache durinng the requests


      richfaces 4.0 final  doesn't have the provisions to set the properties org.richfaces.LoadStyleStrategy and org.richfaces.LoadScriptStrategy to ALL where richfaces downloads the these  css and js files in a single file.  Loading all these files as a single file will definately improve the performance.  I don't know this is related to freezing issue.


      Any suggestions/ solutions will be really appreciated.



      following are some of parameters in web.xml











      I would like to share any configuation details. Please let me know .


      Thansk & Regards

      Ravi J