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    Strange result in JDBCFindQuery.java

    Detourniere François-Xavier Newbie


      I posted a thread few days ago about a problem I had with finder methods : http://main.jboss.org/forums/thread.jsp?forum=46&thread=13168

      I have an Entity Bean with a CMP-Field "Nom" and the deployer can not make the findByNom method.

      I tried to find where was the problem and it seems to be in the org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.jdbc.JDBCFindQuery
      At the line 45, you put into lower case the first character of the field name given by the finBy method (so cmpField is "nom").
      But, the entity.getCMPFieldByName (line 49) doesn't return "null" only if the field name doesn't have the first character put at lower case (so if it is "Nom").

      This problem exists in JBoss 3.0beta and JBoss 3.0RC1

      I have never read that the first character of a cmp-field had to be in lower case so I think it's a bug.

      Hoping I helped you.