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    Risezable column for rich:dataTable

    Giuliano Aparecido Newbie



      In our system we use dataTable for all tables.
      A new requirement is to make the columns resizable.

      I have been searching how to do that but it is not so simple.

      I think I have 3 options:

      - change the tables to scrolldableDataTable;

      - change the tables to extendedDataTable;

      - use jQuery;


      Changing to scrolldableDataTable the table will lose many features because dataTable has much more attributes.
      Changing to extendedDataTable the table does not lose many features but the design (size of column, table, css, etc) is not the same as dataTable. I tested it and try to make it similar to dataTable, using similar css, but it is quite different. Also, when I refresh (F5) the page, the table just desappears.

      Using jQuery I don't have so many experience with, so I don't have such idea how to start it.


      Any idea?


      Thanks in advance!