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    JBoss AS 7 - Datasource Management WebApp

    daniel.todt Newbie

      Hello guys, good afternoon.


      I would like to ask a question for developers who are part of the development of JBoss AS.


      The console of JBoss AS, is a web application, right?


      There is a possibility of create a web application that modifies the file 'standalone.xml'?


      In this case, an application to manage JTA DataSources and Connection Pools.


      I would like to add this functionality in my application, so that it was possible to change database, drives, etc..


      So the User that configures the application does not need to access the console of JBoss AS environment.


      I guess it is possible, since you have an application that does this, the question is an application within the folder deployments, have permissions to do this?

      If yes, how could I do this, is there a guide or tutorial?


      Thank you.