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    IRC meeting to discuss open issues for 3.0

    Randall Hauch Master

      Please join me to go over the outstanding issues for Beta5, which we plan to release this coming Tuesday.


      When: Thursday, Sept 27 at 13:00 UTC (see other time zones)

      Where: IRC chat room #modeshape on irc.freenode.net

      What: Review the open issues


      Be ready to quickly summarize any issues you're working on and provide an estimated completion date. If you cannot attend the meeting, please add comments to all your issues before the meeting.


      Overall, we're in pretty good shape, but I really would like to get 3.0.0.Final out the door as soon as we can. My goal for tomorrow is to push as many issues into 3.1 without sacrificing functionality or quality. Currently our release schedule is:


      1. Release 3.0.0.Beta5 on Oct 2
      2. Release 3.0.0.CR1 (candidate release) roughly 1 week later
      3. Release additional candidate releases only as needed, roughly 1 week apart
      4. Release 3.0.0.Final
      5. Release 3.1.0.Final about 4-6 weeks later


      Note that if we're able to resolve all known issues prior to Tuesday, we might call Tuesday's release a CR rather than a Beta.

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          Tony Herstell Master

          I use the JBoss 7 install where you explode over an installation... GREAT "error free" feature and then point the server, in MyEclipse, at the ModeShape JBoss server config file for its config.


          Updating this server config file takes the longest time during the upgrade as I have numerous updates to add into that file (Datasources, email, MY ModeShape additional config)..


          Being told that there were no changes between the server config file between releases would really help as I could just copy the previous version over the "new" Jboss Install once have exploded ModeShape over it.


          I have considered just copying bits from from the "new" file into the old file but I dont know what else may have been tweaked outside the <modeshape> tags.


          Or even better a "script" then can just update an "old" server config file with the required changes...


          Only a though... as it sounds like updates are coming thick and fast!

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            Randall Hauch Master

            Hi, Tony. Great feedback. We can try to do a better job explaining the changes (recent releases have indeed made several changes in the AS7 configuration). This will be more important after 3.0.0.Final, at which point we hope to be making very few (if any) changes to the "standalone-modeshape.xml" configuration file.


            We do have a document that explains what changes we've made to the "standalone-modeshape.xml" configuration file, and it actually shows how you can use AS7's CLI to apply these changes to your own configuration. This is actually the recommended practice. Plus, you can even use the CLI to apply your own changes (e.g., your datasources, email, additional ModeShape configuration changes, etc.). IMO, this isn't terribly straightforward, but if you can figure it out then you can collect all the individual CLI commands into a batch script and run the script against many different servers, even when those servers have different configurations (e.g., development, staging, production). This is a killer feature of AS7.


            We do plan to create a CLI script that you can just run to add ModeShape, but you can easily do now this by following our aforementioned documentation.

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              Tony Herstell Master

              Great feedback.

              I will be looking at this CLI as it actually does sounds very useful.