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    ESB message routing to another ESB

    Juan Alcaraz Newbie

      I have two JBoss ESBs. One that would act a primary and secundary ESB.


      How would I configure the primary ESB to forward a message to the secondary ESB upon a service request not been found in the primary ESB's registry?



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          Juan Alcaraz Newbie

          Thanks Tom for responding and proving a reference.


          Although, I did not make myself very clear. Clustering will be an option, if they two ESBs are JBoss ESBs. But, how about if JBoss ESB is the primary and the secondary is of another flavor (e.g. IBM Websphere or SAP PI).


          How would I configure message forwarding in JBoss ESB to the other ESB?



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            Tom Cunningham Master

            If JBoss ESB is the primary ESB, an easy way to do it would be to use the ServiceInvoker to invoke your service, catch the exception, and provide some logic within the catch to forward to the secondary ESB.     


            Other ways to do it  - have the other ESB read the dead letter queue, or provide your own implementation of the dead letter service which figures out where to send those messages.

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              Juan Alcaraz Newbie

              Tom, that is a great recommendation; but, it sounds like, it will be a very static messaging routing process. Every web service consumer will have to invoke a service and catch an exception and provide logic to forward the request to the other ESB. I am looking at it from a system administrator's prospective.


              Let's say, I have a 'get employee info' web service registered in the secondary ESB's registry. Then, the service consumer invokes the get employee info web service by querying the primary ESB's registry. Is it possible to configure such request forwarding from the JBoss ESB to the other ESB. Or, this is just not possible period.


              Are you aware on how to configure this forwarding/linking within the JBoss ESB?


              Thanks again.

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                Tom Cunningham Master



                I doubt it - and it kind of sounds like you are approaching this not from an ESB standpoint but a plain UDDI + WS standpoint.    For what you are describing, do you need an ESB?     Would UDDI + WS suffice?


                Here's where you are going to get tripped up I'm guessing :


                1) What are you going to use to query the two registries?      My guess is that since there's a wide number of registries out there - even if both registries support UDDI you are going to get caught up with two registries that don't share common objects because they contain different UDDI implementations.      Kurt Stam has put quite a bit of work into trying to get Apache jUDDI's client to work with other registries, but I'm not sure that either SAP's registry or whatever the registry that backs Websphere have been tested.    I'd be willing to bet neither of their libraries work with jUDDI or each other.    


                2) Does the second ESB register their WS endpoints in UDDI?      For ESB services, JBoss ESB stores ESB-aware endpoints in UDDI - which could represent a WS endpoint, but you would have to parse the endpoint address out.  


                3) Approaching this from a different angle, would SOAPProxy maybe make sense in this instance - where you could proxy the endpoints in the remote ESB?

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                  Juan Alcaraz Newbie

                  It was found and confirmed that message routing configuration does not exist in the JBoss ESB natively. I would either have to purchase such tool or develop a solution in-house.