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    Apache Wicket + jboss + tmp & work folder

    shruthi innani Newbie



      I have developed an application using apache wicket 1.4.17 and running it on jboss server.

      When the jboss is started , i could see that these tmp & work folders are created parallelly to server folder in jboss.

      Inside the work folder i could see that a folder is created using the same name as of my application which intern is haveing folders containing the sessions.

      So whenever i make a request to my application , the session gets updated , but when there sre multiple users accessing my application i could see that multiple sessions are created which is leading to increase the size of the work folder drastically.


      So my concern is can , what's the importance of these sessions stored in work folder?

      Is it necessary to maintain them ?

      Can we avoid creation of these sessions?

      And suppose if we avoid these session creation then what are it consequences?