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    problem with rich:editor

    Martin Borovnik Newbie

      first: hi, i'm new here and hope, you can help me sometimes


      my problem:


      i have an extendedTable with the column description for some products.

      when i click on the column, i open the rich:editor to edit the description. the problem is, that the editor only shows the value from the column i selected first and after that, he doesn't update the value, when i select another row.

      i have a class, that holds the selected product, from where i get the value for the editor. this class works and changes the value.

      i only have to update the value of the editor, can you tell me please, how i can do that?


      this is the column:



         <f:facet name="header">Beschreibung</f:facet>

         <a4j:outputPanel onclick="#{rich:component('editorPane')}.show()">

            <h:outputText value=" #{_product.description}">





      and here is the editor-code:


      <rich:popupPanel header="Description" id="editorPane"

                  domElementAttachment="parent" width="800" height="600">




                  <rich:editor id="editor"

                      value="#{productController.selectedProduct.description}" immediate="true">



                  <a4j:commandButton value="Cancel"

                      onclick="#{rich:component('editorPane')}.hide(); return false;" />



      thx for your help!

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          Martin Borovnik Newbie


          no answer  for me?

          why? less information? stupid question? i need your help!



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            swampdev Newbie

            Martin, when I do this type of action in richfaces, I always excplicitely set execute="id's I need submitted", render="id's I need (re)rendered"  Those attributes (execute and render) are only availabe in ajax action componenets (i.e a4j:commandButton, a4j:commandLink, a4j:jsFunction, etc).  So when you open and close your popup use on of those action components (i.e <a4j:commandButton value="Click to edit" execute="@this" render="editorPane" oncomplete="#{rich:component('editorPane')}.show();" />)  Then on the button used to close the popup, submit (execute) your editor, and render your outputpanel (which you should give an id to).  Hope that helps.