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    WS-Security client on JBoss7.1

    dario novakovic Newbie



      I am trying to make WS-Security call on JBoss7.1 but I have no idea how to do that using CXF. I call Alfresco repository service, I generated client stubs, I am able to call authentication WS (does not require WS-Secuiity) but call to secured service keeps giving me:


      org.apache.cxf.binding.soap.SoapFault: WSDoAllReceiver: Request does not contain required Security header


      So, I guess i need to add WS-Security header but I can't figure out how to do that. I have googled for it, I have been through the docs and best I can do is


      ((BindingProvider)repositoryServicePort).getRequestContext().put("ws-security.callback-handler", MyTicketCallback("ticket"));


      but my callback handler was never called. I have "ticket" string and all I need to do is put it in the SOAP header but the more I look for it, the harder it gets.


      Can anybody please suggest what am I supposed to do make this work using CXF. Documentation provides few hints but I never found complete example for WS-Security call. I guess it should be common thing to do, something like one method call with appropriate param but all I found was complex XML configurations involving Spring (I'd like to avoid spring).


      Thank you!