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    Administration and governance in JBoss ESB

    Ray Solomon Newbie


      I'm a newbie for JBossESB. I study on cluster these days. My enviroment is JBossAS5.1GA and JBossESB4.11.

      And I have some questions about the administration and governance in JBoss ESB.




      Q1. I build a cluster enviroment. It's running well. When I login the admin-console of one node of the cluster. I can only see the monitoring and metrics of this node. Is there a view for cluster that makes me manage all the nodes of cluster and check the statistic of all nodes?



      Q2. I found that these monitoring and metrics data is temporary. When restart the instance, it is cleared. Is there anyway or configuration to make it persistent? Such as insert into database.



      Q3. I want to get the monitoring and metric data in the program. Such as how many times does one of the ESB has been invoked, how many Bytes has been processed. Is there an API reference for this?