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    CDI Interceptor from provided library

    Ste Gr Newbie

      Hi everybody,


      I created a library which contains all common resources that I need to develop webapplications in JSF with CDI, EJB, etc. In this library I have a beans.xml which registers some interceptors. Those interceptors work without any problem for classes that are located inside the library. But I have to register them again in the applications beans.xml to use them on classes located in the applications WAR.


      Like the last time I didn't found an answer to this behavior. Is it correct, that a beans.xml and its content is only responsible for the archive it is located in? So all setting I apply in the library's xml I need to apply also in the applications xml to get them working? Is there no better way to do this? It's a lot of work over the time and not really maintainable (a lot of duplicates)...