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    Context menu is triggering itself

    J Miller Newbie

      I’m having some trouble with a rich:context menu.  It’s functionally working, it just has a strange side-effect.  I have a dataGrid, and each name in the name column is a link that produces a context menu when clicked. The context menu allows you to see details or cancel. When you click a menuItem, it performs the task it should, but the context menu hides and shows again.  It’s like clicking a menuItem in the context menu is triggering the context menu again.  I’m nesting the context menu inside the commandLink as shown below.  Any ideas?




      <rich:column style="width: 250px;">
          <a4j:commandLink value="#{job.name}">
              <rich:contextMenu event="onclick">
                  <rich:menuItem value="Details"
                          ajaxSingle="true" />
                  <rich:menuSeparator />
                  <rich:menuItem value="Cancel"
                          disabled="#{!job.cancelable}" />