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    View sql generated by JBoss

    miriam Newbie

      I'am using JBoss3.0 beta with Oracle. In forums is written that the generated sql can be seen with p6spy. Could anybody tell me what files do I have to configure in order to make p6sy and JBos3.0 beta "work together"?

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          Enrique Rodriguez Newbie

          Hi Miriam,

          I don't use p6spy, but i know two ways to see what SQL genrate Jboss.

          1.- See the server.log file in the log folder. There search for JawsPersistenceManager and you will look what SQL Code generate JBoss. The problem is that this file only is updated when you resastart Jboss.

          2.-Change the log4j.properties to see de TRACER level logs for this Jboss Plugin, JAWS. I'm not a log4j expert, but this go for me: (Add at the end of log4j.properties in your conf directory)

          #Define new appender Console2
          log4j.appender.Console2.layout.ConversionPattern=[%p,%c{1}](%F:%L) %m%n

          #log the trace level for jaws pluggin
          log4j.category.org.jboss.ejb.plugins.jaws=TRACE ,Console2

          If anybody have a better solution, tell us ;-)

          Regards, Enrique

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            miriam Newbie

            Thank's a lot.