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    does field manytomany support a join table?

    Kevin Hooke Newbie

      Does the manytomany field relationship type support generating entities with a join table? I tried it and it looks like it doesn't?


      Instead I created my own association entity and then mapped both sides as oneToManys, but the scaffolding for these entities looks like it's not aware oif the purpose of the join class. Using the generated view for either side of the manytomany it looks like it generates a list so so can select an instance of the association class, but in this case the app would require the user to create one of these manually first before it would show in the list. That's not typically how you'd create the association instance for the relationship.


      If there is a way to do this then I'm interested to find out the correct approach, otherwise can this behavior be added as an enhancement request?


      Thanks, Kevin