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    jboss-as-arquillian-container-manager 7.1.1.Final not working with @Asynchronous

    Michal Huniewicz Newbie

      Hi, I am in the process of upgrading to JBoss AS 7.1.1.Final. It all works unless I add @Asynchronous to a production code bean called in the test. Without @Asynchronous it works.


      With JBoss  AS 7.0.2.Final the test worked fine with or without the annotation. To be fair, I was only using web profile then.

      When I deploy the app manually outside Arquillian it works.


      What is really bizarre is that the error I'm getting has nothing to do with @Asynchronous, it cannot find a class that is definitely in the JAR. The class it cannot find is in a JAR that is not in the standard Maven repo and there is a warning about it when test executes.


      Any ideas? Thanks!


      Here's the bean:


      public class CacheAwareLibraryImporter implements LibraryImporter {
          private LibraryParser libraryParser;
          private LibraryService libraryService;
          private CacheableSongService cacheableSongService;
          private ApplicationConversation applicationConversation;
          public void importLibrary(File libraryFile) {
              Library library = libraryService.createLibrary();
              libraryParser.process(libraryFile, library);


      Here's my dependencies:


      <!-- TESTING -->
      <!-- UTILS -->
      <!-- CDI -->