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    Mixed protocol scheme problem

    Carlo Ieva Newbie

      Hi to all,


           I have an application which uses a mixed communication protocol: essentially it starts with a login.xhtml page over SSL and after that it switches to plain HTTP redirecting the user to a home.xhtml page (all the pages have specified the login-required="true" attribute in pages.xml).


      After the first login everything goes fine but when I logged out (#{identity.logout}) the system redirect me to the login.xhtml page but when I try to login again, keeping the browser opened, the system redirect me to the login page as when the login failed even if the authenticator.authenticate method executes successfully.


      In that situation, if I try the login again, all runs like a charme but after the logout I, again, need two logins before the redirection to home page takes place.


      Any help would be very appreciated!


      Thanks in advance,