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    HornetQ 2.3 integration in AS7

    Jeff Mesnil Master



      I am looking at the PR to integrate HornetQ 2.3 into AS7[1]


      I have rebased Andy's commits to be up to date with AS7 master branch (I refactored the xml code to split the XML marshaller from the XML parsers).


      I have reviewed Howard's commit to add JGroups support to HornetQ but his commit can not be applied automatically. I can patch it manually either since the commit references changes he made to HornetQ that has not landed in master branch yet.


      Looking at it more carefully, I found some issues that would need to be resolved to ease up the integration:


      * broadcast group API.


      the API is split between many too packages:

      * BroadcastGroupConfiguration in org.hornetq.core.config

      * BroadcastEndpointFactoryConfiguration in org.hornetq.api.core

      * BroadcastEndpointFactory in org.hornetq.core.cluster


      I think we should refactor the API to have it stand alone in a single package


      * JGroups support


      HornetQ defines a JGroupsBroadcastGroupConfigurationWithFile which takes a JGroups file and extends AbstractJGroupsBroadcastEndpoint. This class depends on org.jgroups package => HornetQ requires JGroups to be compiled

      However, JGroupsFileEndpointFactory loads JGroupsBroadcastEndpointWithFile through reflection to avoid compilation errors. I don't understand the reason, the module still requires JGroups to compile  JGroupsBroadcastGroupConfigurationWithFile.


      HornetQ defines a JGroupsBroadcastEndpointWithFile with takes a JGroups file. AS7 will be able to get a reference on a JGroups channel object directly. I think the JGroupsBroadcastEndpointWithFile class should have 2 constructors: 1 taking a fileName String and creating the JChannel, the other one  taking directly a JChannel. AS7 would use this 2nd constructor.


      * AS7 attributes removal


      the preferred way to configure broadcast-group is to use socket-binding. However, AS7 for compatibility purposes, still allow to set the group-address and port directly without going through a socket-binding. We can deprecate theses attributes (ie warn the user that the is a better way to do it) but we can not remove them.

      This means that the code to parse XML, setup the broadcast group must handle 3 cases:

      * broadcast group configured with socket-binding

      * broadcast group configured with jgroups channel

      * broadcast group configured with group-address & port (deprecated but still valid)



      [1] https://github.com/hornetq/jboss-as/pull/5