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    How to map CMR fields to Columns on JBoss3.0 RC1

    José Henrique de Oliveira Varanda Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have a question about CMR mapping that I could not find any answer in the forums!

      It is:

      How can I tell jboss to use a specific column name for CMR fields. I saw on many examples (look in
      that we can only inform the primary key column names for the referred relation-role. But how jboss knows where to store this value into the target FK_COLUMN? I´d like to inform this value to jboss too. In other words I need to tell jboss were to store the fk_key! Where and how I can define this?
      Do I have to use a CMP field to manage this field and pass a reference to it into the cmr mapping? If so how can I accomplish this?