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    Performance 3.0 vs 2.4

    Dan Ciarniello Newbie

      I have seen some posts about performance issues in JBoss 3.0 but they seem to be mainly concerned with CMP performance. I have a set of BMP entity beans that I have deployed under both 3.0RC1 and 2.4.4 and have also run into some performance issues. It's a bit difficult to get meaningful performance numbers but I have found that 3.0 is consistently slower than 2.4 with the difference increasing as the load JBoss increases.

      I have a test client that spawns threads that do read-only access of the beans. To put the server under load, I increase the number of threads that the client spawns. What I have found is that if I only spawn 1 thread, the amount of time to completion is about the same for both 2.4 and 3.0. As the number of threads increases, the amount of time for each thread to complete gradually increases but the rate of increase is much greater for 3.0 compared to 2.4. For example, if I spawn 20 threads, each thread takes about 33% longer to complete using 2.4 but with 3.0, each thread takes about 250% longer.

      To me, this indicates that 3.0 does not perform as well under load as 2.4 does. We are already running into performance issues with 2.4 and given the above results, I am concerned about what would happen if we move to 3.0 when it is officially released.