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    Trouble getting ExtendedDataTable/ExtendedDataModel to use ajax loading properly when scrolling

    Tom Clarke Newbie

      Hi all,


      I have a requirement to have a table that uses vertical scrolling and lazy loading (from a database).

      The effect I'm after is that which can be seen on the showcase where the ExtendedDataTable uses Ajax loading of row data.

      However, in that example only a list seems to be used (not an ExtendedDataModel).


      I have an ExtendedDataModel inheriting  class based on the JPA example on the showcase which has all the functionality I need.

      Where I'm falling down is that when I attach my model to my extendedDataTable I'm not getting the same scrolling behavior as is demonstrated in the showcase.


      When the table first loads up the correct amount of rows appear. That is, the number of rows equals the value of the clientRows attribute.

      However, when I scroll either nothing happens or the next set of data is loaded but it simply replaces the rows at the top of the table. In the showcase as the user scrolls down only the area where they are located has row data.


      My question is therefore, how do I replicate the lazyloading effect seen when a list is used when I use a data model?


      Thanks in advance