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    JBPM 5.2 Console application taking long time (more than 20 min) to load the process definitions and process instances

    srikant vege Newbie



      I am using JBPM 5.2 with Tomcat 6 and MySql database. I have deployed the below artifacts in one tomcat server.







      and started the human task server locally. I have read the process from guvnor and started that process from my code.


      When I open the console application and click the "process overview" link, I am getting TimeOut error after 1min. If I copy the same rest url "http://<ip>:8080/gwt-console-server/rs/process/definitions" and paste it in the browser, I am geting the process definitions json after long time (taking more than 20 min). After that If I click my process definition to see the process instances for that process, it is also again taking 20 min to display the process instances list in the browser. And again if I execute the rest url for "process Diagram" to see the process state, it is also taking more than 20 min time to display in the browser. It seems like all the process related actions are taking long time.


      This is happening only on first time. From second time onwards, I am getting within no time.


      Please help me on where could be the problem. I am using JPA stuff with BitronexTransactionManager. Also let me know wether I can increase the timeout value in console app or not.