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    Simple-Task-Life-Cycle-Sample doesnt work


      Im trying to evaluate samples in jbpm 5.3 using designer 2.3.

      I have downloaded samples from https://github.com/esteban-aliverti/JBPM-Samples


      I have imported Simple-Task-Life-Cycle-Sample bpmn into the designer.

      Ive done just following changes to get it deployed.

      Task Name changed from Task A to TaskA, as the process validator complains of having no task form for the user task.


      I created the png image file and task forms and build it in guvnor.

      I was able to start the process in the console.

      The initial form displayed input fields for only two fields whereas three fields were defined in the process:

      Task_A_Deadline_Time - was not displayed in the initial form

      Task_A_Deadline_Notification_Recipients - was displayed

      Task_A_Deadline_Reassignment_Potential_Owners - was displayed


      I claimed task from the Group task and tried to access the user task available in the Personal Task tab.

      It threw an exception saying:

      "Expression Deadline_Time is undefined on line 239, column 43 in TaskA."