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    Non Faces request, not restoring the facesmessages and not displaying in the UI

    prathap_dudvat Newbie

      I've a JSP page, which conatins an commandlink to the call servlet When clicked on the link, it calls the servlet and starts executing the servlet if any exception is occured in servlet, I need to display it in the JSP page I've tried to add the facesmessage in the servlet, but im getting the exception like facelet threw exception So I've created a session object and tried to show it in the jsp page by rendering after link action Still the error message not shown in the UI How to show the error message from servlet to the UI i've also used responseComplete and renderResponse by taking the Facescontext still not able to get the message, MoreEver using facescontext is causing the other issue I've using the javascript to call the servlet, from the link like and inside the servlet public void service(..){ try{ ... ... }Catch(Exception e){ FacesContext context=FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); context.addMessage(null, new FacesMessage(...)); context.responseComplete(); } } I would be glad and thank ful, if some one would actually help me out of this..