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    Does min-pool-size is honored when connections are IDLE?

    Gabriel Gutierrez Newbie

      Hi, I'm using JBoss 4.3 and I have a question regarding datasources.


      Lets assume this is my datasource config:


      idle-timeout-minutes: 5

      max-pool-size: 10

      min-pool-size: 5


      Lets say that I ran some queries and I used all 5 available connections at some point.

      Now 15 min has passed, which means (an here I'm guessing on the behavior) that those 5 conections got into IDLE state?


      When the IDLE Job Runner executes to close all IDLE connections, will it close my 5 min pool connections or will it honor the property, leaving them open for later use?


      Thanks on advance your comments.